It's The Truth

Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for
-Bob Marley-


All girls think that girls that take boob shoots are slut. Really I think they are just jealous. I KNOW I AM!!!! If i had boobs like any of those girls I would take boob shoots too ! Stop being jelly.

2013, Mind Fuck

Everyone asks for 2013 to bring a good year. But really WE make it a good year or a bad year. We make the decide. We decide with the actions we take, to the things we say. We even decide on how we react to things. Don’t ask 2013 to bring you a good year, bring the good year to yourself.

2013, Letting Go

Sit back and think of the good and all the bad you have done, and just let it all go. Let go of all the bad decisions you have made, because you cant fix them no matter how much you try. Learn from them and use those lessons you have learned to make good decisions in 2013. Look on to the good decisions and reap the benefits of the good decisions you made in 2013. Most importantly let the past be the past.

2013 Bring It On.

sometimes you have to pretend everything is okay, because you just might believe yourself.

and then suddenly…

I am seventeen stuck in a, seventeen year old teenage girls body. With all the hormones, periods, boys, and feisty girl that come with it all. Looking back I remember wanting to be seventeen right between being an adult and being a child. At the age where you still grasp hold to adolescents and maturity in two different hands; when you can pick between the two of the hands with every decision you make. Now that I am finally here, I feel no different. I feel like a ten year old trapped not know what is going to happen and just wanting so bad to jump off this thing called a life. How could I want to be seventeen so bad then, and now want to be ten once again…